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Postmark: 02/11/1943

Return Address: (none)

Dearest Mother,

   I arrived at camp safely and feeling fine. Louie and I are still together and our beds are close to each other. So far everything is O.K. I seen Mik, the guy who worked at the factory, he already has his uniform, I'll get mine in the morning. I got my barracks bag and in it I got shaving equipment in it all except shaving cream. I got a tooth brush, comb, helmet and fork spoon and knife. Well mom I guess this is all right now. I'll write a letter later.


Please don't worry about me. I'm O.K. and I want you to be the same when Me Phil and Tony come home.

Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

Dad had been drafted into the army, effective February 3, 1943. He arrived at the Army Induction Center at New Cumberland, PA, on February 10th. This is his first correspondence to his mother after arrival.


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