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Postmark: 02/17/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. Vincent Misitano
Co K 342 Inf
A.P.O. 450
Camp Howze, Texas

8:35 Wednesday

Dearest Mother,

   This is that big letter I told you I was going to write. Well to begin with mom, my trip out here was a little tiresome. We left Harrisburg at 12:00 midnight Sat. On the train I had a lot of fun, on the train nobody knew where we were going only the officers and they wouldn't tell us. When we got to Kansas then we knew we were going to Texas. There were about four of us from Altoona, one is Gene Garris, the other two you don't know. We had a lot of fun on the train, some guys were playing cards, others just cracking jokes all in all it was a swell trip. We arrived here 7 oclock yesterday. we went to our temporary barracks till we ate breakfast then we went to see movies with our Sgt. At 9:30 we were put on K.P. all the fellows I came with, were pretty mad because of how tired we were from our train ride but we still worked. We were on K.P. till 6 oclock, went to our barracks, told what outfit we were in (I got the Infantry) then we were moved to our regular barracks. Last night I had just enough time to write you and Rosie a card. I went to bed about 10 oclock last night, dead tired. Then to top it all off when I got up this morning [by the way, all the guys I came out here with, got split, Nick Orcend is here all so and Jimmy Arsenne. I don't mind being split up with those 2 guys because in my new barracks I met other guys from Altoona and we made friends right away,] well as I was saying on the other sheet, to top it all off when I got up this morning I had to go on K.P. again so you must know how I felt, after I was in there awhile, I didn't mind it, I got all I wanted to eat and everything. All I had to do was to wash dishes, while someone else dried them. We must of washed about 500 dishes and cups today. I just came off K.P. ten till eight, I went over to the latrine and took a bath and shaved and came back and started to write to you.

   Mother there is only one thing I want you to send me and that is about 7 coat hangers for my uniform, I cant buy them here anywhere. I asked the Sgt.where I could buy them and he said nowhere here, and to send home for them. So when you have a little time please send them to me. Mother, this is a new camp, all you see are Lieutenants and Sgts. There are about 30,000 soldiers here and plenty more to come. All the Sgts are nice fellows.

   Some of the fellows on K.P. with me are also great fellows and we made friends right away. We had a lot of fun together. Mom for any one who can't take work had better stay out of the Army, because it is really tough, as tough as the shops or shoe factory if not tougher. I'm supposed to get some more shots, I guess I'll get them one of these days. Mom could you tell me where cousin Joe's camp is, that how close it is to mine, If it's very close to mine maybe I could get to see him on a weekend. Well mother so far I still like the army, and Mother, please don't worry about me because I'm O.K. and feeling fine, and that's just the way I want you to be mother, O.K. and fine, and by O.K. and fine I don't mean for you to cry when you think of me, Phil or Tony. Every time you think of me Phil or Tony mom, you can feel a little sorry for us once in awhile but mother we don't want you to cry all the time mom, please promise me that you'll be O.K. and not worry too much. I don't think there is a guy who prayed for this war to end as much as I did last night, and mom thats the only thing we all can do is pray and keep on praying.

   Well mother dear, please don't worry and give my love to daddy and the kids.

   Well I'll close now with love and kisses to you all and if you see Rosie tell her I couldn't write her a letter tonight and I'll try to write to her tomorrow night. It's ten till ten now and the lights go out at ten oclock. Please write very soon mother and tell what you've heard from Tony and Phil and tell me how you are, and all about Daddy and the kids. Good night mom.

   Your loving son


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