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Postmark: 11/15/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. V. Misitano
Co. A. 350 Inf.
APO 88
Fort Sam Houston, Texas
U.S. Army

Nov. 15, 1943
Mon. nite 7:00

Dearest Mother,

    I received the letter today that you wrote on Fri. and enjoyed reading it very much.

   Mother, that stuff that I sent home is extra clothing that we had to get rid of, and aren't allowed to take with us where we're going. You can give it to the kids and if they can't use any of it then you can give it to someone who could make use of it. Tell the kids they can have the leggings to play with.

   Mother, whoever told you that this camp is a Port of Embarkation doesn't know what he's talking about. Maybe the camp that we're going to next will be a Port of Embarkation but I'm positive that this one isn't

   Mother, If I tell them that my leg hurts the only thing that they'll do will take an X-Ray of it, find out it's O.K., cause a lot of trouble for me and still send me across. Mother, if my leg would hurt, I'd complain, but I can't complain about something that I know isn't true.

   Mother, we aren't going to move from this camp for at least another wk. and a half, but when we do leave I think that it will be to New York or somewhere near there and I'll try my best to let you know where I'm at.

   I'm glad that you received my bond. Mother, we don't have to buy these bonds if we don't want to. The only reason that we buy them is that this is the last chance we have to sign up for bonds and besides where we're going we won't need much money.

   We've been kept pretty busy lately cleaning up around the co. area. We have to have the place spotless for the next unit that moves in after we move out.

   Well mother, there isn't anything else to say so I'll close with lots of love to you mother dear, daddy and the kids.

   Your loving Son,


   Mother, please send me $10. That is if you can spare it mother. I'm almost broke and could use some money. But if you don't have it mother or need it yourself then don't send it mother. Mother if you send it try and send it for Sat. if you can.

   "Love, Jimmy"

   If you can't send the money then don't worry about it mother.

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