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Airmail Letter
Postmark: 09/18/1944

Return Address:
Sgt. V. Misitano
Co. A. 350th Inf APO 88c
c/o Postmaster N.Y.

Sept. 15th, 1944
Italian Rest Camp

Dearest Mother,

    Just a few lines letting you know that I'm O.K. and in the best of health and hoping that all are the same at home.

   I received 3 letters from you today mother and enjoyed reading them very much. I also received a letter from Aunt Kate and a V-Mail from Phil. He says he's somewhere in France and likes it there and is getting along O.K.

   One of your letters was written on the 7th of Aug. You said mother that you hope I'm still in a rest area when I receive it, well mother I am still in the rest area so please don't worry and even if I should have to go to the Front again I don't think it will be very tough anyway. The Jerries are almost beaten and they're only fighting a losing battle all around.

   You seemed to be surprised mother when I told you that I cleaned and cooked chickens myself. Well mother I really did, and I didn't pull the feathers out, I skinned the chickens. I didn't think you could skin a chicken either till I seen one of my buddies do it, then I tried it and found it was easier than pulling the feathers out.

   In this letter mother you also told me that Tony was home. I received a letter a few days back where you told me he had just left but this letter took long getting here.

   I really felt sorry to hear that Mr. Hertzog died. He always seemed like such a nice quiet man.

   Mother in your letter of Aug 21st you asked why I never signed my name with a P.F.C. instead of Pvt. Well mother I was made P.F.C recently but was also put in for Sgt. rating because I handled the squad a few days before we came off the lines, and today my rating for Sgt. came through and I am now a squad leader. I was expecting to be made Sgt. for some time and it just came through. It means a little more responsibility but also a little more pay. I hope that you're pleased mother, at me making Sgt.

   I'll now ans. the letter that you wrote on Aug 28th.

   I'm glad you received the money order mother, but feel bad that you can't use it for what I mentioned. I was hoping that you would buy it and say it was a Christmas present from me, but if the stores don't have any then I guess it's impossible to buy. I also sent $130 so you could buy a real good one that would last.

   I'm glad that you heard from Phil mother, but can't understand why you haven't heard from Joe for so long. I also wrote to him and expecting an ans. from him any day now, but I guess he's being kept pretty busy.

   Maybe he's working on the water lines in Rome and repairing bridges.

   I had to laugh mother when you told me about all the different animals that Frankie has. I guess we better buy a farm for him.

   Well mother I guess this is all for now so I'll close with lots of love to you mother dear, daddy, Pauline and the kids.

   Your loving Son,


Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

Altoona Mirror Newspaper Clipping December 27, 1944

Frankie's Pets:

At this point in time Jim's brother Frank has just turned 14. He apparently had a stable of pets at home, and would often enter neighborhood pet competitions at the Gospel Hill Park which was about a block from the Misitano family home. Altoona Mirror newspaper clippings have him winning prizes such as:
  • July 23, 1941: "Next Biggest Cat"
  • July 12, 1943: "Pet Doing the Best Tricks (dog)"
Frank was also inducted as a "Junior Cop" at Gospel Hill Park on June 23rd, 1943. During the ceremony for 100 youths, the mayor briefly addressed them, advising them that they were taking over responsible duties, that they will be in a position of authority and that they will be held responsible for peaceful and orderly conditions on the playgrounds. Frank would go on to be an MP in the Air Force from 1950 to 1954, and a policeman in San Fernando, CA for twelve years.

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