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Dearest Mother: Letters Home from a World War 2 Infantry Soldier


Vincent James Misitano was born on April 2nd, 1923, to Francis and Frances Misitano, in Altoona, PA. In the first week of February, 1943, he was drafted, and was inducted into the Army on February 10th.

On the day he arrived at the induction center he wrote a quick postcard to his mother, addressed to "Dearest Mother."

He continued to write letters home for the next 23 months, unfailingly beginning each letter with the salutation "Dearest Mother." His mother, Frances Misitano, treasured and kept each of his letters, beginning with the very first one.

I came into possession of these letters after his passing in 2003, and have transcribed this collection of those letters, as well as adding supplementary notes and photos to provide context for things mentioned or implied in the letters.

The result is a unique contiguous first-hand view of an infantry soldier's experiences in World War 2, and many events and circumstances surrounding him and his family, including three brothers who were also in combat during the war.

   - Vincent James Misitano, Jr.


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