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Insert - Special Notes for Granddaughter Paula, daughter of Tom

Paula (Misitano) Lombardo
When Paula Misitano, daughter of the youngest of Francis' and Frances' children Tom, was preparing for her wedding to Anthony Lombardo in 1992, my father (Jim Misitano, writer of the letters making up this collection), offered my grandmother's ("Dearest Mother") wedding ring to her.

Using an almost 100 year old wedding photo of Frances and Francis, Paula commissioned the creation of a wedding dress for herself that duplicated, as far as was possible, that worn by her grandmother in 1917.

Below are photos of Francis and Frances in 1917, and Paula's wedding with her father Tom walking her down the aisle:

Below are pictures of Paula, and Paula with husband Anthony Lombardo.

Cousin Jim's Final Notes

When I showed my first draft of this collection to Paula, she searched through her trove of old photos, a number of which I was able to use to augment some of the stories told above. I hadn't previously heard the story of our grandmother's wedding ring and the replicated wedding dress, but it seems eminently appropriate to include it here, celebrating as it does the legacy of our grandmother, Frances and our grandfather Francis.

Oh, and lest I dad's letters to his mother, he references his "Comare Grace" and "Compare Tony," which is to say his Godmother and Godfather. Well, it turns out that I am Paula's Compare, and stood for her at her baptism a "while" back.

- Jim Jr.


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