bviTouch - Sample Image Screens
(There are over 150 sample images in the app. These web pages only show a small representative group of those images.)

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Spoken Instructions (may be mispellings to assist speech synthesizer with pronunciation)
  • This section contains images of many subjects to help you familiarize yourself with the operation of the bviTouch system, and to experience the exploration of real images.
  • The image subjects range from common neighborhood scenes like sunsets, rainbows, flowers and fall foliage, to iconic landmarks like the Washington Monument and Golden Gate Bridge, to land scape views of national parks, and finally to astronomical subjects.
  • There are over 150 images in this section.
  • Each image in this section has a verbal description, along with hints about how to interpret the musical tones. You can stop the vocalization of an images description by a quick tap anywhere on the image. You can restart the vocalization with another quick tap.
  • Moving from image to image in this section is the same as in the Tutorial section.
  • A quick single finger swipe to the right moves to the next image, while a quick single finger swipe to the left moves to the prior image.
  • If you do a quick single finger swipe down, you will be able to scan through the titles of all of the images by placing your finger on the screen and slowly moving right and left.
  • This may be useful if you return to this section and don't want to go through all the images in sequence again.
  • To exit the section and return to the main screen, do a quick single finger swipe up.
  • Swipe right now to go to the first image in this section.,