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This is the house I built in 1992. It's located in the middle of a working cattle ranch. The nearest house at the time of construction was 8 miles. Since that time, I have acquired two or three closer "neighbors," the nearest now being about 6 miles.

There are no utilities at this location. Electrical power comes from solar panels and the occasional use of a generator.

This is a view of the property and surrounding area from a nearby mountain peak (about 3 miles distant).

The white roof of the house is visible at about the mid-point vertically, and 1/4 of the way in from the left of the photo.

This photo shows the wind-screen under construction in early November, 2002.

The roll-off roof observatory building is the white structure.

The wind-screen is attached to the observatory building for bracing.

A later stage in wind-screen construction, with frame extending the full 14' height, and the lower 4' clad in plywood.
Wind-screen completed.

Later modification made some of the upper plywood panels removable for viewing near the southern horizon.