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Postmark: 02/12/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. Vincent Misitano
Roster 605 Co. L
1301 Service Unit
New Cumberland, PA

Dearest Mother,

   I am writing you a few more words to let you know what I did today. Well, to begin with, I got my shots right after breakfast this morning, one under each arm and a vaccination, when I got them my arms didn't hurt very much but about 9:00 my left arm really started to hurt, but about 5 hrs later the pain wasn't very bad, and right now it's just a little stiff. At 1:00 oclock we went to the post theater and had a lecture and movies on the "articles of war," which lasted about 4 hrs. About 4:30 we got back to our barracks and had to change to our dress uniform for retreat which is about 10 till 5., (that is 10 min. till 5) Our food is very good so far I have no complaints yet, so mother please don't worry because army life isn't as bad as some guys say.

   For dinner we had fish, potatoes, pie -(lemon) and peas mixed with corn and slaw. So far I haven't been hungry between meals, in fact tonight I didn't even go to supper because I was still filled up from dinner. In case I get hungry tonight I can eat a piece of dried sausage which I still have, the sandwiches are all gone and they were really good.

   Don't try and write to me because from tonight on I can be expected to be called for my new camp any time now.

   I haven't had K.P. yet but if I stay here any longer I think I'll get it.

   I mailed my clothes today, when you get them you can put them away without cleaning them.

   Mother, I really wished that you could write to me, I'm anxious to find out how you and the rest of the family are.

   Well, mom, I guess thats about all for now so please don't worry about me because I'm o.k. and feeling fine, Louie, Paul and I are still together and we hope to be together in our regular camps. I hope that you are receiving letters frequently from Phil and Tony. When you write tell them I will write to them later, the only ones I've written to are you and Rosie, although I only sent Rosie a card the first night and you, one every night so far.

   Well so long mother, I'll close now with love to you daddy and the kids.

   Love and kisses.


Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

The younger Jim Misitano had part-time employment as a "sign-painter" at the Strand Theater, a short walk from his home in Altoona. He would often be called on by his employer to prepare signs for special engagements at the theater. His artistic interest and skills are evidenced by the occasional doodle in the address area of his letters, and later provided opportunities for lighter duty in army training.
Following is a clipping from the Altoona Mirror of October 26th, 1942. Anthony (Tony) and Philip (Phil) are older brothers of dad who enlisted in the Army on June 6th, 1941 and July 6th, 1942, respectively. They are both mentioned frequently in Jim's letters to his mother.


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