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Postmark: 02/13/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. Vincent Misitano
Roster 605 Co. L
1301 Service Unit
New Cumberland, PA

Dearest Mother,

   So far all I've been doing so far today was, eat breakfast come back to my barracks and I've been sitting on my bed ever since. Boy this is the life, lay around, sit around, smoke or do whatever you want to, maybe it will be a little harder in my next camp but so far this camp is ok. I seen Russell Gallagher and Tony Longo on Thur. Mike was shipped out last night and I expect to be called out tonight or tomorrow so don't worry if I don't write for a couple of days, but I'll write as often as I can.

   Today my arm feels a lot better in fact it isn't even sore.

   Its been kind of cold the last couple of days and today it started to snow a little.

   Louis, Paul and I have been going to the canteen in the evening, we buy pop, candy, and they have a few nickle machines but we seldom play them.

   There is an airport right next to our camp. And we can see the planes land and take off. We mostly see mail planes and boy are they big.

   Well mother I guess thats about all for now so Ill close with love and kisses to you daddy and the kids, and mother please don't worry about me because I'm in the best of health and feeling fine and I want you to be the same.

   "Love and kisses to you all"


Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

Historical Marker at the New Cumberland Army Induction Center near Carlisle, PA.

Credit: Photo by Larry Gertner, originally published by Bill Pfingsten.


The history of the New Cumberland installation begins in 1917 when the site was selected. On February 22, 1918, President Wilson approved an expenditure of $250 thousand dollars from the appropriation for National Defense of $100 million dollars to cover purchase of land for two reserve depots, one of them to located near Harrisburg P.A. and the other near Schenectady, N.Y.

During World War II, the site served as a filler depot for overseas shipments. In 1941, storage facilities more than doubled, providing 3,277,000 square feet of covered storage. An adjunct of its mission was that of a reception center for newly inducted soldiers with more than 90 percent (some 500,000) of central Pennsylvania inductees processed through the New Cumberland site. Soon after, a prisoner of war (POW) camp for German prisoners was established.

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