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Postmark: 03/01/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. Vincent Misitano
Co K 342 Inf
A.P.O. 450
Camp Howze, Texas

Feb. 28, Sun.
3:30 noon.

Dearest Mother,

   I received your letter yesterday and was very glad to hear from you.

   Mother, the other night I went over to see Russell Gallagher in his Barracks, its only a block away from mine. Mother he is no more sick than I am and I'm in the best of health. I asked him if he was in the hospital and he said that he only wrote home and told them that he was at the hosp. only to get some pills for a cold, so his mother must have gotten the wrong idea out of his letter.

   Mother, yesterday I was supposed to go on K.P. I was on K.P. from 7 oclock until 11 oclock when the Lieut. came in after me and wanted me to do some more painting for him, so I only had a half of day K.P. and in the afternoon when I was painting I took my time at it. I made it last all afternoon, so again I got off pretty easy.

   Mother today is Sun. and its really nice out, you even sweat from how warm it is out. I went to church this morning with my buddy, came back to our barracks, ate dinner, and we've been here ever since, and its exactly 4 oclock.

   Soon as the Cpt. Comes back I'll have a little more painting to do, I'll probably work till 5:30, an hour and a half if he don't come back to our company area, I won't have any work to do.

   Mother they feed you pretty good here, thats one thing no one can kick about and that's our food.

   Well mother I guess this is all for now so I'll close with love to you daddy and the kids.

   "Your loving Son,"


   Mother please don't worry about me because I'm O.K and feeling fine and I want you to feel the same way.



Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

Informational Header on Camp Howze Stationery:

On Sunday morning, March 6, 1839, when noble Travis, daring Bowie, rollicky Crockett, generous Bonham, and 185 other Texans made their last stand in the Alamo, this cradle of Texas Liberty already had a history as a Spanish mission going back 120 years. But this day it entered into immortality. The Texans held back 5000 Mexicans for 13 days. Before dying, fighting to the last man, they accounted for around 1500 of the besiegers. Their stand gave Sam Houston's army time to prepare for the decisive San Jacinto battle. The cry of "Remember the Alamo" will never be hushed.

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