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Postmark: 03/03/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. Vincent Misitano
Co K 342 Inf
A.P.O. 450
Camp Howze, Texas

March 2, 1943
Tues. 9:30 P.M.

Dearest Mother,

   I received your most welcomed letter, and was very glad to hear that everyone at home is well, and mother, I also am well.

   Mother, my first two days of basic training went pretty good, it didn't seem tough at all.

   I received a letter from Phil on Sun. and he told me about getting a corporal rate. He also gave me some advice about the Inf. which I'll use.

   Mother, I signed up for a cook, but so far haven't heard any thing about it, and neither did my buddy, he also signed for cook.

   Mother, I also received a letter from aunt Kate, and Mother send me Aunt Angeleni's address, I knew it before I came here but you Know me, ha ha I forgot it.

   I wrote a letter to Phil, Tony and Pauline on Sun, and also one to you.

   Mother, it's too bad that Joe has to take this test so soon, but I guess they won't be satisfied until they get four Misitanos but, if Joe don't like work, and I mean work with a pick and shovel, he better try for the Navy but if he does, the army is the best place for him.

   Well, mother, I guess this is all for now, so please don't worry about me because I couldn't be feeling better. Tell daddy not to work too hard especially on Sun. Did he like, or mind working on Sun? Please ans. Love to you, Daddy and Kids. P.S.

   Your letter you sent on Sun, arrived here today, Tues.

   I remain your loving son,


   Yesterday was payday I got $20.00.

Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

World War 2 Pay Scale

Chart Credit:

So it looks like Phil's promotion to Corporal was worth $16 per month, a 32% Raise.
Dad's pay of $20 must have been pro-rated for the partial month he had been in the army thus far.

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