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Postmark: 03/19/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. V. Misitano
Co K 342 Inf
A.P.O. 450
Camp Howze, Texas
U.S. Army

Dearest Mother,

   How are you, I'm feeling fine, and hope you are the same.

   Mom, you know, this army seems to be getting a little better day by day. I don't even mind the hikes any more or the bayonet drills or marching, I guess it's because I'm getting used to it.

   My face is all sun-burned from how hot it was during drilling today. You know mom, I'll bet you never seen weather like this out here. It was cold yesterday, we even wore our top coats. Today we were sweating while marching, so you see it's really funny weather out here.

   How is everyone at home, the kids, Tommy, Frankie and Grace, are they all O.K.

   And you mother, how are you, are you O.K., I hope you are. Mom, you know what I want you to put in your next letter, I want you to write and tell me that you go out to the show with the kids to the show more often and mother, you should go out more often, because that's the only way to get your mind off of worrying about anything, and mother if it's me you ever worry about, please stop, mom, because there is no need to worry, I'm O.K. Mom, I get plenty to eat and I'm with a swell bunch of fellows, and we all have a lot of fun with each other, we go to the show, down to the P.X. and the U.S.O. on Sundays, so you see mother, I'm one you don't have to worry about, so please don't mom.

   Mother, how's daddy, is he still working on Sun. Tell him I said hello, and not to worry about me, I might be away out here in Texas, but that doesn't mean I'm not all-right, so mother, please don't worry about me, in fact don't worry about Tony or Phil, because I received a letter from them both the other day, and they both are O.K. Tony said he lost his pass for a week on account of being in town on the streets after 2:00 A.M. He said an M.P. took it from him. He gave me some good advice for when I go into town. He told me all about the kind of girls and every thing, but he doesn't know that I'm being true to Rosie, and that I won't even bother with other girls.

   Did Pauline, from Gainesville write to you and let you know I was there? Her husband told me in case I'm ever hungry in the evenings to go up to his co. and come to the kitchen where he's a cook and he'll fix me up. He's a pretty nice guy, and his wife, boy she sure is pretty.

   I received a package from Rosie the other day, she sent me candy, life savers, and some peanuts. I still have some candy left. She told me in her letter tonight that she was up Sun. and you were in Phila. did you have a good time mom?

   Well mother it's 15 till 11 and 5:30 comes around pretty fast so I close with lots of love to you, daddy and the kids.

   I remain your loving son


Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

Soldiers Marching/Drilling at Camp Howze

Photo Credit: A Camera Trip Through Camp Howze (Booklet)

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