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Postmark: 08/18/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. V. Misitano
Co. E. 335th Inf.
APO 84th div
Camp Howze, Tex.
U.S. Army

Aug. 14, 1943
Sat. afternoon 5:30

Dearest Mother,

    Just a few lines to let you know that I'm feeling fine and hope that you are the same.

   Well mom, here I am again out with the bugs and snakes.

   We came out this morn. at 4:30 in trucks. It took us about 2 hrs to get here.

   When we got here the troops had to start digging their foxholes and some were put on K.P. and guard but all I did was read and sleep all day.

   We'll start our problems tomorrow morn. by having an attack on the reds.

   The 86th came back from 14 days bivouac yesterday and last night. I seen some of the boys at the service club and they said that they really had it tough.

   Well mother, nothing more to say, so I'll close with lots of love to you, daddy and the kids.

   Your loving Son,


Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

Texas Snakes:

The western diamondback rattlesnake or Texas diamond-back is a rattlesnake species and member of the viper family, found in the southwestern United States and Mexico. Like all other rattlesnakes and all other vipers, it is venomous. Credit: Wikipedia

The Texas coral snake is a species of venomous snake in the family Elapidae. The species is endemic to the southern United States and northeastern and central Mexico. Credit: Wikipedia

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