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Postmark: 08/13/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. V. Misitano
Co. E. 335th Inf.
APO 84th div
Camp Howze, Tex.
U.S. Army

Dearest Mother,

    I'm writing you this letter from back in camp. We came back last night, but Sat. afternoon we go out again.

   I, as well as the rest of the flag orderlies and umpires are off till Sat. but the troops are still on duty. They went out in their regular war training fields today to run small problems and correct the mistakes they made out on the practice maneuvers.

   This next time we go out, it will only be for 8 days, then when I come back I'll go back over to the 86th (and hard work again). The 86th is out on a two weeks problem. They'll finish about Fri night.

   Mother, today I received the letter you wrote on the 9th and was very glad to hear from you. That's the first letter that I received in 12 days. I didn't even get any from Rosie yet, but I guess the ones she wrote are still over at my co.

   I'm glad you received the money O.K. You said that if I need money to let you know. Well mother, I'll let you in on a little secret, and that is, that no matter how badly I'll never need money, I'll never write home for it. I only wrote home for money once and that was for my furlough and when I sent for that money I felt pretty funny about it, and since then I made up my mind not to send home for money. Some guys can send home for money almost every wk. and think nothing of it, but for some reason I can't (Maybe it's bashfulness, huh mom ha ha). But whatever it is, it's saving you and daddy money, because I've been broke pretty many times.

   Mother, I'm glad that Tony and Phil finally met. If they stay there for about another month I might get to see them, because the 86th will soon be going on maneuvers and I heard that we might go to Tenn, or Louisiana or somewhere near there for our maneuvers.

   If I could get a 3 day pass I could go and see Joe in Ark. but they hardly ever give 3 day passes here, it's mostly 1 1/2 day passes.

   How's Joe making out. Is he cpl. yet? He hasn't written to me yet, but I guess he's pretty busy though. He should be getting a furlough soon shouldn't he mom? Has he said anything about it yet mom?

   So all that stuff about Tony was a joke huh, well, the joke's on whoever pulled it because I didn't believe it ha ha.

   Mother, is it still raining there a lot? If it is send some out here, because it hasn't rained since April, and it's really hot out here. It was 118 degrees today and mom that's really hot.

   Mom, you asked how the P.X. comes out to the field. It comes out in trucks. All it is, is just two regular trucks with cases of cold pop and a regular ice cream truck. Once in a while they bring out beer, but they only sell one bottle to a soldier.

   About writing to Rosie, well mother, I haven't written to her for about 2 wks now, but as soon as I finish this letter I'm going to write to her. Boy, I'll bet she's really mad, but they say if you keep them worried, they'll always love you. ha ha.

   Mother the last time I seen Russell Gallagher he told me that he was joining the paratroopers, well I've been thinking about joining them myself. You asked me not to join anything dangerous, would you call that dangerous, Mom.

   Well mother, there's not much more to say so I'll close with lots of love to you mother dear, daddy and the kids.

   As always,

   Your loving Son,


   Mother my a.p.o is 84 div. You can write to me at my new address mother up until the 18th of this month because about the 23rd I'll be back at the 86th div and then you can use my old address. So long mother, and god bless and take care of yourself.


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