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Postmark: 10/25/1943

Return Address:
Pvt. V. Misitano
Co. A. 350 Inf.
APO 88
Fort Sam Houston, Texas
U.S. Army

Oct. 23, 1943
Sat. nite 6:30

Dearest Mother,

    Just a few lines to let you know that I'm feeling fine and hoping that you are the same.

   Mother, I didn't receive any letters yesterday, but guess how many I received today! I received 7 letters today, 4 from you and 3 from Rosie.

   Mother, I read all 4 of yours before I read any of Rosie's, and every time that I get mail and yours is one of the letters, I always read yours first to see what you have to say. That's just how glad and anxious I am to read your most awaited letters. I'll ans. your letters in the order that you wrote them mother.

   The first letter is the one you wrote on Tues. Mother, you told me that you were sorry that you didn't ans. my letter sooner. Mother, you don't ever have to say you're sorry for not ans. my mail as soon as you get it, because mother I understand how you feel. So don't ever think that I'll be mad if you wait a day or two to ans. it, because I won't be. No mother, I'll never get mad at you or daddy again, never.

   Mother, since I've been away, I found out just how much you and daddy mean to me and just how dear you are to me, so don't ever worry about me getting mad at anything that you may think I'll get mad at.

   Mother, you asked me when I'll get a furlough. Well mother, the division is giving out furloughs now, but only the all?? fellows are getting them so far. I may get one around Jan. if I'm lucky because then it will be 7 or 8 months since my last one and I'll have more chance to get one.

   Mother, now I'll ans. the letter you wrote on Wed.

   I'm glad that you sent me Joe's address mother, because I know that if he gets mail pretty often he may not feel too bad, because that's all a soldier has to keep him going, and that is mail.

   Mother, you don't have to get a present for Rosie, I guess she would appreciate it more if I sent it so thanks a lot mother anyway. Mother you said that Rosie comes to see you because she has to, and also that she doesn't like you. Mother, I'm sure that you're all wrong about her, because she does like you an awful lot, and every time she goes up to see you she writes and tells me how nice you treated her, and she always tells me that she hopes you like her.

   Mother, I want you to ans. this, that is if you want to. Do you honestly want Rosie to come to see you and do you like her? I promise that I'll keep the ans. to myself mother, no matter what your ans. will be.

   Mother, you said that all that you want from me is a little bit of love and after that you said, even if it is a little wee bit. Mother, you know that my love for you isn't little but an awful lot. Why did you say that mother? (ans.) I won't say nothing more about it mother.

   In Thur's letter, mother, you said that I was thinking that I didn't get the money on Sat. because you didn't send it. Mother, I know that the reason was that you didn't receive my letter yet and mother you didn't have to include the telegraph receipt. I believe you when you say something mother, you don't have to send any proof.

   I also received the letter with the money order in it. Thanks a lot mother, but you shouldn't have sent it. Maybe you could have used it mother. It will come in handy mother, so thanks a lot mother.

   Well that about ans. all four of your letters mother.

   Mother, we were issued all new equipment Mon. We are going out for the whole wk. and when we come back we may get shipped out of here. I hope that if we do it's as nice a camp as this.

   Well mother, I guess I'll close now and go to bed, because I have a pretty bad headache, so mother, until I get a chance to write again, I'll close with lots of love to you, daddy and the kids.

   Your loving Son,


   I wrote a letter to Tony as soon as I received his letter, and Phil wrote me a card and I ans. it. That was last wk. so I should be getting an ans. soon from him.

   God bless you mother and keep you safe.

   I love you mother dear, always remember that, please mother, because it's true.



   It's too bad about Walter Clinger. I was just wondering how bad he was hurt. To get the "purple heart," every little wound will be enough to have it awarded to you.

Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

Postal Service Money Order

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How to Send Domestic Money Orders

  • Decide on the money order amount. You can send up to $1,000 in a single order anywhere in the United States.
  • Go to any Post Office location.
  • Take cash, a debit card, or a travelerís check. You cannot pay with a credit card.
  • Fill out the money order at the counter with a retail associate.
  • Pay the dollar value of the money order plus the issuing fee.
  • Keep your receipt to track the money order.

Regarding the P.S. about Walter Clinger:

Reviewing old newspaper clippings, it appears that there was an October 19, 1943 article about Walter's brother, Melvyn, being awarded a purple heart for being wounded in action in the Sicily campaign. Walter is mentioned in the same clipping, and it is noted that he had recently received a medical discharge after serving three years in the army.

It is interesting that Walter's home is reported in the clipping to be only a block or two from the mother's (Frances Misitano) extended family home. Walter also worked at the Strand Theater (presumably with dad) prior to enlisting, as reported in an earlier newspaper clipping the same year (April 29, 1943) which mentions that Walter entered the service in 1940, and was a former employee of the Strand Theater. This is the same theater in which dad worked and developed/capitalized on his sign-painting skills.


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