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Return Address:
Pvt. V. Misitano
Co. A. 350th Inf APO 88c
c/o Postmaster N.Y.
(Mother's notation: Sep 6, 44)

Dearest Mother,

    Just a few lines letting you know that I'm O.K. and hoping that all at home are the same.

   I'm still in a rest camp mother, and still having it pretty easy. We do train during the day but at night we are allowed to go to the show or to the special service where they have magazines and books you can read.

   I received a V-Mail from Phil and he said that he likes England a lot and is getting along O.K. I just finished writing a V-Mail to him.

   Well mother I guess this is all for now so I'll close with lots of love to you mother dear, daddy and the kids.

   Your loving Son,


Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

Rest and Training

Declassified Headquarters Reports, 350th Infantry, September 1944:

September 1 to 7: The regiment at this time was still bivouaced in the area approximately two and one-half miles east of Livorno, Italy, and was pursuing a program of small unit training, including company and battalion problems with special emphasis on conduct of combat in mountainous terrain.

Battalion problems were started on 4 September consisting of the battalion entering the assembly area advancing to the line of departure and then driving the enemy from the high ground in the vicinity.

On the evening of 5 September, an order was received to move the regiment just west of Galluzzo, Italy, to rejoin the Division, which was bivouacing approximately three miles southwest of Florence, Italy. The weather was extremely bad, consisting of a driving rain and a strong wind.


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