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Airmail Letter
Postmark: 09/08/1944 Air

Return Address:
Pvt. V. Misitano
Co. A. 350th Inf APO 88c
c/o Postmaster N.Y.

Dearest Mother,

    Just a few lines letting you know that I'm in the best of health and hoping that all at home are the same.

   Today mother, I received your most welcomed letter that you wrote on Aug 17th and enjoyed reading it very much. I also received the clipping from the papers with my name in it.

   I'm glad that you were pleased with the fact that I had received the infantry badge. It's really something nice to wear mother and when I get the chance I'll try and send it home. We're not supposed to send them home but keep them and wear them at any formations the whole division may have while we're back here in the rest area.

   Mother, twice in your letters you told me there are some of the boys that I know back home got killed but you never mentioned their names. The Charles Adams that was in the paper was in this outfit but I didn't know him very well, but mother tell me if there are any of the old gang that I used to play with that met the Adams boy's same fate.

   In your letter mother you told me to be always careful and not to take chances. Well mother, you won't ever have to worry about me taking any unnecessary chances, because so far the only chances that I've taken were always to my advantage. When I'm on the front lines mother, I'm always being very careful and on the alert for anything that may come up and ready to meet any Jerry that thinks he's a better man than any of us. Anyway mother I don't think this war is going to last another two months, so before you know it this war will be all forgotten about and my other three brothers as well as I, will be home and never know there was a war.

   Mother, I received Pauline's box of candy she sent me today. It came in good condition and the candy wasn't spoiled or hard. I'll write and thank her for it as soon as I finish this letter to you.

   So mother, until I get a chance to write again, I'll close with lots of love to you mother dear, daddy and the kids.

   Your loving Son,


Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

Rest and Training

Declassified Headquarters Reports, 350th Infantry, September 1944:

September 8 - 16: Following the hard rains of the previous day, 8 September enabled the entire Regiment to dry all blankets and equipment, clean weapons, and improve the bivouac site itself.

The regiment continued its small unit training on 11 September with the usual vigor and enthusiasm as everyone realized that the coming operations would test their ability, resourcefulness, stamina and courage to the fullest extent. During the morning of 12 September the regiment was engaged in cross country marches with the emphasis on platoon training in the afternoon. As training progressed, emphasis was placed on the preparation of each individual unit for the combat operations in the future and every effort was made to insure that the maximum efficiency of every individual could be counted upon.


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