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Postmark: 10/15/1944

Return Address:
Sgt. V. Misitano
2628th Hospital Section
APO #790
c/o Postmaster N.Y.
(Mother's notation: Rec Nov 9-44)

Oct 7, 1944

Dearest Mother,

    Just a few lines letting you know that I'm O.K. and that my arm is coming along O.K.

   I just had the wound stitched two days ago and it feels a lot better now. I don't have the cast on my arm any more, just a bandage. It's really O.K. now mother, so please don't worry about anything. I'm still in the same hospital and I guess I'll be here for a little while yet.

   They have movies 3 times a wk. here. I seen two of them so far and they were pretty good. One of them was "Jam Session," and the other was "A night of Adventure."

   They had a P.X. here today mother, and I got 4 candy bars, 5 pkgs. of cigarettes, 1 pk. of gum and two Coca Colas.

   I haven't received any mail now for nearly 5 wks. but I guess I'll soon be getting some though because my mail clerk in the co. should know where I'm at by now.

   As long as I'm in the hospital mother I'll be using a new address, so, when you write to me mother you use the return address that I put on the envelope instead of my regular address. This will only be till I get back with my outfit.

   Well mother, I guess this is all for now, so I'll close with lots of love to you mother dear daddy and the kids, and hope that this letter finds you all in the best of health.

   Your loving Son,


Supplemental Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes:

1944 Musical Movie "Jam Session"

Following notes from Rotten Tomatoes: Terry Baxter (Ann Miller) is a young dancer who has recently moved to Hollywood, Calif., where she looks to break into movies. But, try as she may, she cannot seem to meet anyone important. Then she befriends George (Jess Barker), a new screenwriter who has also recently moved to the area. Terry pretends to be George's secretary in order to try to see studio mogul Raymond Stuart (Charles D. Brown). However, her bad luck continues when she gets George fired, and she winds up in prison. (Current IMDB rating of 6.3 out of 10)

1944 Crime Drama Movie "A Night of Adventure"

Following notes from Rotten Tomatoes: A lawyer (Tom Conway) tries discreetly to defend his wife's (Audrey Long) artist boyfriend for murder.

Following notes from Wikipedia: A Night of Adventure is a 1944 American crime mystery film directed by Gordon Douglas. It stars Tom Conway, Audrey Long, and Edward Brophy.

Successful attorney Mark Latham neglects his wife, Erica, so she leaves him. Mark tries to win her back, but finds that she is now dating Tony Clair, an artist.

Julie Arden, jealous and upset that boyfriend Tony is stepping out on her, intends to shoot him in his apartment. Mark, who is there to confront Tony, wrestles away the gun, which goes off and kills her. An eyewitness mistakes Mark in a dark hallway for Tony, who is arrested and charged with the crime. Erica pleads with Mark to defend Tony in court.

As the trial proceeds, witnesses begin to realize that it was Mark, the attorney, and not the defendant who was in the hallway that night. He even shows that a pair of Tony's gloves fit himself. The gloves fit, the jury acquits, and Erica, realizing how clever her husband is, returns to him.
(Current IMDB rating of 6.1 out of 10)


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