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Airmail Letter
Postmark: 10/16/1944

Return Address:
Sgt. V. Misitano
2628th Hospital Section
APO #790
c/o Postmaster N.Y.
(Mother's notation: Monday Oct 23rd)

Oct. 11, 1944

Dearest Mother,

    Today I received your most welcomed letter that you wrote on the 7th of Sept. and enjoyed reading it very much.

   I didn't expect to get any mail here for at least another two weeks, but I guess I was wrong. I don't think I've ever enjoyed reading a letter as much as I did that because it's been so long since I've received any, and then mother your letter was nice and long.

   There was one thing in you letter mother, that I didn't know and that was a big surprise and that was upon hearing that Tony was sent over here somewhere. I really felt sorry mother to hear that he had to come over. I didn't feel sorry because he's going to have it hard or anything mother, but I felt sorry because he was the only one left there to comfort you every so often when he would get his furloughs. But mother please don't worry about him getting in any danger, because the last letter I received from him he told me that he was back as a cook and in Service co. Well mother, every one of us over here all wished that they would have been a cook, because the only time they'd cook is when we're back in a rest area. And when we're on the lines they stay way behind and they're so far behind they hardly know a war is going on, and Tony's a cook in Service co. and even when the troops are off the line and in the rest area, Service Co. is a little ways behind in the Rest Area, so you see mother, he will still have it easy and still be as safe and far from danger would want to be, so please mother don't worry about any one of us because we'll all be O.K. and home before you know it.

   In your letter mother, you told me also that you received the $80 I sent you. I also sent you $130 mother that you probably received by now and mother, if you need any of the money please don't hesitate to use it, and I know mother, that daddy could use it very easily in repairing the house, so mother, don't be afraid to use it if you need it.

   Mother, the only reason that I can figure out is, well mother, I guess that you read where the troops here are not only battling the jerries but also mud and rain. Well Joe is probably kept pretty busy keeping the roads in condition so rations can get to the boys up there, and taking care of bridge washouts, because that's the Engs. job and they're probably working overtime a little, so not hearing from him in so long isn't anything too serious to worry about. I'm sure mother that you'll hear from soon, but I hope you've heard from him already.

   You also said mother, in your letter that you wish that I'm in a rest area. Well mother, I'm not in a rest area but here where I am I'm as safe as a newborn baby, and getting all the rest that anyone could possibly get. Mother, I have a nice bed with a mattress white sheets and three blankets. If I wanted to I could be in bed every sec. of the day. There's nothing to do mother except eat and sleep here. It's a regular hospital mother and there's other fellows in my ward and we joke and put puzzles together or play cards to pass the time away. I really have it soft mother, and getting a rest that a million guys would like to get. My arm is coming along O.K. and feels fine. The doctor checks it about 3 or 4 times a wk and he said that it will be O.K. so mother please don't worry about me.

   Mother, you said something about guys getting furlough while in a rest area. The only ones that get furloughs are the ones that's been over here for at least 2 yrs. or more and seen a lot of action.

   Well mother dear, I guess this is all for now so I'll close with lots of love to you mother dear, daddy and the kids.

   Your loving Son,


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