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Post War Years - What Happened in the Decade or Two after the End of the War:

Frank Misitano

It would be hard to find a school week in the late 1940's that didn't have a mention in the Altoona Mirror of Frank Misitano's exploits in the sports of track, baseball, football and boxing. A few representative excerpts:

  • Baseball: Pitcher
    • 05/22/1947 - ...when Frank Misitano was called on. He took the victory as the CHS boys rallied for runs galore in the late stanzas. (Baseball)
  • Football: Halfback/Fullback
    • 10/29/1948 - Frank Misitano, the Marauder workhorse, oozed off tackle for 32 yards to the Trojan 28. Misitano passed 24 yards to Joyce on the 24 as the half ended.
    • 09/10/1949 - Frank Misitano bulled into the end zone from the one and Jim Warner plunged the extra point.
    • 09/23/1949 - Frank Misitano skirted around right end for 18 yards in the drive and added 10 more on line smashes.
    • 10/08/1949 - Frank Misitano rambled wide around the left side of the Mountaineer line and eluded a flock of would-be tacklers near the sidelines as he clicked off the remaining 34 yards for a touchdown.
    • 11/07/1949 - Altoona Catholic was sparked by two touchdowns posted by Halfback Frank Misitano. In the first quarter, Misitano intercepted a pass and dashed 45 yardsfor a score and in the last period he climaxed a short 44-yard drive by galloping 20 yards off his own right tackle.
  • Basketball:
    • 12/14/1949 - Frank Misitano collected nine points to pace Cathedral...(Church Basketball League)
  • Awards:
    • 01/31/1950 - The Herbert T. Wolf award went to Frank Misitano, who was adjudged the outstanding backfieldman by his teammates.

Newspaper Clippings from School Days

In 1950 Frank enlisted in the Air Force, and served for four years during the Korean War as an MP.

He married Margaret Hairfield in California in March of 1956.

He was a policeman in the city of San Fernando, CA for nine years.

Frank in his Air Force Uniform

Frank had a non-speaking walk-on bit part in a 1959 Ed Wood Movie in which he was listed (just barely) as a cast member. He plays one of three large men in suits who attack a star of the show, Criswell, who had made a name for himself in the late 50's as a fortune teller with weekly "Criswell Predicts" features in various media.

Frank is the large gentleman on the right in the above photo.

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